Alternative Water Systems

Commonly found in Monroe County, Michigan are homes with Alternative Water Systems.  Many homebuyers not from the area, and their lenders are unfamiliar with these types of systems, and immediately shy away from considering them.  Thus, your deal goes bad!!!  I am here to help!!!  Simply stated, you have a Country home with access to City Water via a Delivery Service, similar to propane gas, where water is maintained in a measurable Holding tank and used freely by the household–just like well water is used!!  When selling or buying a home in an area of “bad water, i.e. sulphur water”, so many questions arise and these consumers just need to be pointed in the right direction of information.

I have experiece selling homes with Alternative Water Systems and/or Sulphur water challenges.  I have also worked with many local water haulers and local contractors in the area that I trust and can recommend to help you with all your water needs.   Below is a link to our local Monroe County Health Department that is a great source of information and a good place to get started:

For information on Monroe County Michigan Hauled Water Regulations click here.

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